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The future of recycling

DSS Recykling is not only a fair company, it is a company as clear as a crystal. We have nothing to hide and to support this we present the effects of our efforts, opinions of experts, and results of various tests and analyses.

DSS Recykling

The leader of cullet processing

DSS Recykling Ltd. was founded in 1997 and it engaged in transportation and processing of glass waste. From the beginning, we invested in machinery and devices enhancing the quality of our cullet.

In 2005, the company underwent changes related to reorganization and investments. Thanks to two new technological lines for float glass processing and optical separation of glass, as well as thanks to a modernization of an existing line, we strengthened ourselves at the position of a leader in glass waste reception in Poland. Modern production works, built from the ground in Dąbrowa Górnicza, and advanced technology it uses, helps us process more with a bigger benefit for environment. Properly designed infrastructure, latest separators installed on our technological lines ,and rigorous regulations concerning verification of providers entail a constant growth of our quality standards.


A final farewell

Our Offer

Recycling and ecology are our mission. All glass waste collected by DSS Recykling are reused.

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Environmental protection is the most important aspect of DSS Recykling activity.


The quality of our services and standards are confirmed by a number of quality certificates.


We present the result of our research, reports and analyses. We comply with the strictest standards.

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